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Online dating can be fun, exciting, and even addicting! Online dating allows you to meet singles online, connect to millions of people across the globe and to find the perfect person to spend your life with.

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Finding Your Dream Date Online
You may be the most sought after man or woman in real life but you will remain unnoticed on a dating website unless you learn how to catch people's attention. To do so, you need to write a catchy profile. It should talk about you, your interests in life, your passions, your likes and dislikes. It should also talk about the qualities you are looking in a date.

Match.com is now providing a Free Online Dating Starter Kit to help you become an expert in writing profiles and searching for that special someone.


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Which approach do you prefer?

Bar hop approach:
You can always get back to your animal instincts and go bar hopping. While it might be fun for some to go out to a bar with your friends to look for some girls or guys to pick up, for many others they don't feel comfortable doing that. So you decide to leave early and go home with no body by your side. It may not always be the best choice either as you may be intoxicated and not able to perceive whether you are talking to a male or female. And then there's the issues of traffic accidents after leaving the bar that can cause serious permanent injuries.

Traditional dating service:
You might choose the traditional dating service where you sit down in an office with someone who compiles a profile using all the information you give them during the interview. They then take that profile and match it with their other members that they think would be a good match. While a traditional dating service don’t work as well as online ones, they might be a good option for you since they allow you to actually see the person and know it isn’t a fat bald man/girl behind a screen sending you pictures of a muscular man or hot bikini picture of some random girl.

The hook up:
Here's how it works... A friend of yours will go out and find someone they think you will be good with. Sometimes your friend will know exactly what you want and will get you the best person you have ever met! Other times, even though you think your friend has good judgment you might still end up with someone you totally hate. I would suggest trying this out before anything to see if you can find a date, but if it fails then try an online dating service.

Online dating service:
An Online dating service allow you to connect to other people just like you all over the world. You don't have to physically go anywhere to meet someone, but rather just sit in the privacy of your own home and take it at your own pace. There are different themes for these sites, anything from sexually graphic, to Christian dating sites. You will probably need to pay for access to the better online dating service, but there are free ones as well. You'll get more services and features with the pay sites and they allow for more security and better protection of your personal information.

If you feel like you aren’t ready to go out in to the world to find a date and the hook up's haven't worked out, then an online dating service might be your best choice.

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